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Screen Printing

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This method transfers your design to a series of photo-sensitive screens, each with a fine mesh for capturing the smallest details. The screens are carefully aligned on the press to consistently replicate that image on a variety of garment sizes. This system enables the screen printer to apply plastisol or water-based inks in a variety of locations to create apparel with your custom design. Screen printing is versatile and can be used on a wide selection of material types, including 100% cotton, cotton-poly blends and synthetic fabrics .  


We can print shirts with your existing design or help you create something new. See our graphic design services below for more details. Contact us via phone or email; we would be pleased to talk through the process with you.

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Embroidery is an excellent way to add a professional element to any garment with your custom design or logo. Stitching can be used for a range of designs, from text and outlines to completely filled images. The stitch count varies by design (based on the amount of fill required) but embroidered text and logos are very durable. Embroidery can also be used to create personalized patches that can be applied to your favorite bags and gear.

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Graphic Design

Creating your design is an iterative process between you and the graphic designer, whether working from an existing image or building a new design.


For existing images, .ai, .eps and .pdf formats are a great starting point for printing apparel with your design. We can also translate your new idea into a concrete design for your business or organization and determine the best way to get it on your shirts.

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Customized Storefronts

For customers with ongoing demands for apparel, we can set up a storefront with your approved designs and colors for members of your organization to purchase as needed. Once your storefront is established, individuals with the URL can navigate the shop to order the appropriate colors and sizes for your shirt design.

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