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Purple Heart Recipients

I've got this thing I do...whenever I see a vet or active military person in a restaurant, I try to buy their dinner or lunch just to show them my appreciation for their service. Especially with all the horror stories of mistreatment by the VA and the staggering, heart-breaking suicide statistics I've been reading lately.

So a few weeks ago I was out to dinner with my family at Famous Dave's when I came across the Mother Lode. As we were seated, I noticed a long table in the middle of the restaurant with several military vets. You can usually tell who they are if you are looking. I say " the Mother Lode" beause to me it's always an honor to serve these guys. To get this many in one place is a realy treat for me. I pulled the manager aside and told him I wanted to pick up their tab. He was a bit surprised and asked...."the whole table"? "Yes, sir", I responded. He told me he'd have to ask because their leader was a "proud" man (I would expect that from a decorated Veteran) and that he'd need to ask. I was delighted when the only condition was that he could shake my hand. I amended that condition to include all of my kids.

To the members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart - Idaho and Chief Joseph Chapter 509. Thank you for your service and for your time with me and my family!!!

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