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Online Group Ordering - Pay Separately

Have you ever been asked to order t-shirts for a group or special event? Have you ever avoided the task because of the hassles involved? Keeping track of who's paid, who they made the check out to, who they gave their money to, what size they ordered, etc... The list of hassles is endless...or it least it used to be. Have you ever thought there's got to be a better way? Well, there is a better way and you've finally found it.

I'm thrilled to announce our entry into group sales with our recent partnership with is a powerful online store and fundraising platform that allows us to create a store with all of the specific products you want to be available for your team members, boosters, parents, family members or employees.

Once the site is created, the group organizer simply emails the link we provided to each member of their group. They all purchase the items they want/need and are able to pay separately. They site keeps track of who's paid and what they bought. Reports can easily be shared with the group organizer so they're still in the loop. Group members can also share the link with Grandparents or friends to expand their reach. Shipping for out-of-area customers is also available.

Once the sale is over, we fulfill the order and provide a final report to the organizer when we deliver the order. And if it was a fundraising sale, it comes with a check back to the group. How simple is that?

Contact Us today to learn more about this new service!

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